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    Any one of these products could increase sales income

    for the Singapore-based biopharmaceutical manufacturer

    Yes they are losing money but it could change at any point in time as they do have a business plan in place ,

    We would hope with Mr Iswaran on the board that the company is serious about improving the companies worth

    But with these volumes expect some wide flucuations as the day traders have a field day .

    Product Portfolio,

    SciGen’s product portfolio comprises a
    range of products.
    Product Application

    Sci-B-Vac 3rd generation hepatitis B

    SciTropin Recombinant human growth hormone

    SciLin Recombinant human insulin

    SciFeron Recombinant Interferon 2b

    SciDaPt-Vac Diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus

    SciDaPT/HB-Vac Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and hepatitis B

    SciTojet 2
    Needle free injection device

    – Commercialisation agreement signed with Kalbe

    – Kalbe is publicly listed
    – US$117M market cap
    – Employs 5,000 staff
    – Licensee for other big pharma companies
    – 10 year agreement; exclusive
    – Minimum order quantities
    – Comprehends other products

    – SciTropin sales progressing
    – Oxandrolone now registered
    – Anticipation of Sci-B-Vac registration

    Australia / New Zealand
    – SciTropin sales going very well
    – Revenue running at double p.c.p
    – Adult & paediatric market growing
    – Sci-B-Vac dossier submission in March ‘03

    Hong Kong
    – SciTropin sales on budget track
    – Sci-B-Vac registered
    – Sales of Sci-B-Vac commence in April ’03
    – Forthcoming tender for human Growth Hormone
    – SciTropin sales tracking on budget
    – Sci-B-Vac launched in late January
    – Calling cycle not yet complete
    – Better assessment of sales at full year
    – Tender forthcoming for Hepatitis B vaccine

    – GEAC approval now granted for Insulin
    – Drug Comptroller review by 15 May 2003
    – Expect sales from 1 July 03
    – Commercialisation agreements with Ranbaxy
    Laboratories & Shreya Health & Life Sciences with
    minimum order quantities
    – Opportunities for contract manufacturing with
    Shreya in new facility
    – Expect registration of Sci-B-Vac and SciTropin

    – Sci-B-Vac launched and selling
    – Exposure gaining momentum
    – Focused marketing activity in the South underway
    – Registration of insulin progressing as expected


    Welcomes Singaporean Director


    HOMEX - Sydney



    The Board of SciGen announced today that Mr S Iswaran has accepted an
    invitation to join the Board of SciGen Limited from 1 January 2003.

    Mr Iswaran is Managing Director of Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd and a
    Member of Parliament in the Singaporean Government.

    Temasek Holdings is the major holding company of the Singapore
    Government with assets in excess of S$50 billion.

    Mr Iswaran has a Bachelor of Economics with first class Honours from
    the University of Adelaide and a Masters in Public Administration
    from Harvard University.

    Mr Iswaran has broad experience in the public, private an NGO sectors
    of Singapore and also across programs and policies pertaining to
    security, education and multilateral trade in the context of ASEAN,
    APEC and the WTO.

    Mr Iswaran's corporate experience in Singapore and SE Asia is a
    tremendous addition to the current skill mix on the SciGen Board.

    Mr Iswaran is also an elected Member of Parliament for the West Coast
    GRC in Singapore.

    Media enquiries:

    Mark Compton
    Telephone: + 61 2 9234 1700



    My opinions only based on research ,please do your own

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