Some help for Slider

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    Be worth following up mate lots of hate and agro coming through ,
    this type of reply the other day and today is not normal.,

    Worked for a mate of mine who got kicked of the Police force.

    Please try dear friend

    Subject HIG - re: Rivkin and HIG in todays Australian ( 1 reads - 0 replies )
    Posted 04/06/02 13:12
    Member Sliderule


    Don't patronise me you stupid old fart Arturd.

    I have no time for grubs such as yourself who go running to authority or management dobbing folk in for minor misdemeanors - You are a lagger.

    Nor do I have time for your grubby mates who use multiple ID's to try & suck others into buying the stocks that they are offloading.
    It was interesting that you were happy to endorse what they were doing - perhaps you held the stocks that were being ramped.

    I have no need to be pleasant to grubs such as you & yours & will speak to them in the manner that befits their low standing & morals - on the other hand I treat decent folk much the same as they treat me.

    Stick me on your ignore list - YOU won't be missed.

    Ohh what a shame Slider,
    And I was looking forward to your apology after your rudeness , you could try this URL I am sure it would help

    When anyone uses some form of violence and abuse in a relationship it is a very serious statement that things are not all right in the relationship.

    < font color = blue>Do you ever have trouble keeping your cool?
    Do you ever lash out verbally or physically?
    Do you ever use violence or abuse towards people you love?
    Are you a victim of violence or abuse?
    Can you recognise and admit there is a problem?
    Do you want to change?
    Do you want to have a safe non-violent healthy relationship?
    If you said 'yes' to any of the above getting some relationship support about violence or abuse behaviour is important.

    Online Relationship Support

    Physical violence in relationships
    Learning how to handle conflict more effectively
    Ending relationships without using violence or abuse
    How is your violence or abusive behaviour affecting your children or friends

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