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    Sorry to interrupt the reveries with a couple of facts.
    I spoke to the Company and received the following background info, which might be of interest so I'm posting it here.

    1. The move of the office cost AR1 nothing. It has nothing to do with anything other than the Co Sec moved office because the lease ran out.
    2. The Managing Director (remember him?) and the Co Sec are running the Company, which of them signs any of the releases is irrelevant as they share the tasks that have to be done.
    3.The fortnightly extensions that we've been seeing are entirely an ASX issue. Apparently the Company lodged a submission back in April which was updated in May. ASX has not responded to any queries from the Company since; AR1 is not the only company frustrated by ASX behaviour

    It may be mildly amusing, even beneficial for frayed nerves, to have a little banter about where AR1 might be headed next but, IMO, it's getting out of hand, 3 plus 2 doesn't equal 32, posters should stop feeding each other increasingly fanciful interpretations of imagined goings-on behind the scenes, which will only end in tears when/if the hyped-up bagger expectations are dashed.
    Sit back, have a little respect for the effort that is being put in by management and wait to see what comes.
    Oh yes, what is the next project ? . . . Sorry, I forgot to ask, I have no more clue than you do.
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