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some facts to think about

  1. 5,609 Posts.
    This provides some frame of

    Select’s ultimate
    valuation will depend on the
    success in commercialising its I.P.
    The risk profile is somewhat
    reduced by the near-term
    commercial prospects of the

    Cellestis is currently
    the closest comparable company
    to SLT with a current market cap.
    of approx $120 million and current
    sales of less than $1 million.

    Hepatitis details

    Hepatitis A (HAV)
    Occurrence: Global; 1.5 million cases
    of clinical hepatitis each year
    Transmission: contact, food & water
    Health effects: relatively benign

    Hepatitis B (HBV)
    Characteristics: Acute liver infection
    Occurrence: 1.5 million clinical cases
    worldwide yearly; vaccine preventable
    Transmission: close personal contact
    and contaminated food and water
    Effects: contributes to serious infection

    Hepatitis C (HCV)
    Characteristics: Acute liver infection
    Spread: estimated 170 million people
    globally; no vaccine or ‘POC’ diagnosis
    Transmission: unscreened blood
    transfusions and re-use of needles

    Hepatitis D (HDV) (worldwide),
    present with HBV, sexually transmitted

    Hepatitis E (HEV)
    Occurrence: globally widespread
    Transmission: water, & personal contact
    Health effects: Relatively benign, but
    can cause death in pregnant women
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