Some crazy numbers from Canberra !

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    Simon Corbell reveals wind farm auction winners to supply third of Canberra's electricity needs

    February 5, 2015

    *** Three wind farms in Victoria and South Australia have won 20-year deals with the ACT government to supply a third of Canberra's electricity needs within two years.

    The deals are worth a total of $68 million a year to the three companies and will cost Canberra households an average $93 extra a year on their power bills at the peak in 2020...

    The decision leaves wind farms in Collector, Crookwell, Bungendore and other areas around the city facing an uncertain future...

    *** The Windlab project will be the first under way, operating within a year and paid $81.50 for each megawatt hour of electricity it produces; an expected 81,000 megawatt hours a year...

    *** The Hornsdale wind farm, which will be paid $92 a megawatt hour for 414,000 hours a year, will be operational by February 2017. The Ararat wind farm will be paid $87 a megawatt hour for 271,000 hours a year.

    *** The power from Canberra's solar farms is twice as expensive. The Royalla solar farm, which was hooked up to the grid in September, is being paid $186 a megawatt hour and the other two a similar price.

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