some colonial masters huh

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    The GIs appear to be mainly underprivileged hispanics and blacks searching for a way out of urban squalor and disadvantage. They sure are crap colonial masters.

    Americans accused of turning blind eye to killings by Kurds
    By Kim Sengupta in Kirkuk
    23 April 2003

    A bitter conflict is unfolding in northern Iraq between two minority communities, with the Americans accused of turning a blind eye to killings and ethnic cleansing.

    The Kurds, the victims of oppression by Saddam Hussein and previous regimes in Baghdad, are being blamed for a violent campaign of intimidation against the Turkoman population. Organisations representing the Turkomans say they want British and European troops to protect them because the Americans are acquiescing in what is taking place.

    Kirkuk, a city with a history of communal violence, is a focal point of the struggle.

    The richest oil wells in the country are near by.

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