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solvency question

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    Going through a few balance sheets today on companies I am considering buying, and was a little shocked by what I saw in WPL's from a couple of months back..

    Current liabilities are around $2.4b higher than current assets!

    Now I am new to looking at the blue chips, so I am looking for some constructive guidance here on acceptable operating parameters. I am a very small time investor, and I am not trying to downramp this.

    I can only presume this has arisen from onging substantial development costs.

    But I know what I would be doing if I were the CFO of WPL (lol), and it would be one of the following:

    1. Refinance some debt into long term?
    2: Planning a short term asset sale to plug the gap?
    3: Planning a capital raising?
    4: Considering cutting future dividends?

    WPL is not alone with this kind of gap on the current balance sheet, and I am sure it was common place in past years, but surely not fiscally prudent in these times?

    Comments from seasoned balance sheet experts please.
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