Solution to Morrison's Debt Legacy

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    1. Resume federal parliament ... Albanese should call on the GG to sack Morrison for what he's already done to Aussie Battlers.
    2. Terminate all WMD orders - cancel that incredibly stupid expanded submarine fleet, rip up the agreement with Trump for 72 totally useless F35 fighter planes ....terminate puerile war games!
    3. Terminate grants, tax deferrals, incentives, rebates, subsidies, ... to overseas-owned corporations that pay $No $Tax on earnings in Australia.
    4. Terminate the Coalition's economic hate campaign against Aussie Battlers - end the GST, remove negative gearing and franking credits for the tax avoiding superannuation funds of multi-millionaires / billionaires.
    5. Place all large corporations on notice - demonstrate how you're contributing to Australia's national interest or piss off.
    6 - 1,000 - I'm sorely tempted but some posters on this forum just won't cope.
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