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    I know many people that work in PMS and it is a pretty tight market at the moment. A lot of places made decisions about systems in Y2K and GST pressure times and now the money is being made simply supporting the people that made those decisions already.

    They need to make their existing clients happy first!

    I'm not saying it's impossible! But we need to hear more positive news from their existing users before putting in our money ... the drift from $1.00 to almost
    50 cents will probably continue on for another few months yet. I know a support member that said they
    have just been on leave and may go again soon coz they do not have any work on right now ... WHY???

    Maybe that's isolated ... but I know Practice managers of firms that all say they do not want SOL6 support staff near their front door!

    Maybe SOL6 is getting some better staff?

    I hope they are not just getting more managers
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