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solid as a rock

  1. SCD
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    This company is Solid as a Rock....Quarterly was pretty much as expected.

    It has always slightly amused me how AK sticks with politically correct procedural statements which infer that a decision to mine has not yet been made and in the same breath he implies that it is a foregone conclusion.

    He plays things by the letter and always seems to go out of his way to ensure that no toes in officialdom are upset...a very safe, cautious approach indeed. But then, this is one of the things that really attracted me to invest in this company.

    Also, by-the-by, the EBSP has delivered to us nearly $1m dollars of gold (3600 tonnes @ 10g/t divided by 31.10 grams per oz x A$800/oz)....though, officially, we will need to wait another year to claim our first gold pour LOL

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