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06/2/202010:07Take 'time out' to read the Cornerstone response...

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    Take 'time out' to read the Cornerstone response to the Solgold bid last year.Everything you need to know about NM is covered, he and his cronies should have gone ages ago.Not only does he allocate himself and friends shares of Solgold (to his various other owned businesses) but Cornerstone believe he has a personal chunk of their shares and will benefit greatly from a takeover.Cornerstone are doing nothing wrong here, I have no idea why lefrene so excited about the "outrageous" Cornerstone. The agreement was they would take a small ownership and Solgold would do the work. That's what was agreed and signed up to, tough titties NM.p.php?pid=profilepic&user=shabadi
    If NM gets it wrong this time then he should be voted out .He did not raise monies early enough last time and because of the on going war with Cornerstone he has had a news black out for over a year ..If he fails to get funding to buy out Cornerstone then he has to go ...imhop.php?pid=profilepic&user=mknight
    A couple of discussion points made earlier tonight on the ADVFN Solgold Share Discussion Thread in the UK Similar issues have be discussed concerning Mather controlled companies on our Hotcopper forum. This is the self appointed war that Mather started and we as shareholders are paying the price for. In any other company would the CEO be allowed to do so? His motives are questionable. No formal offer has been made and all we hear officially is that we are still awaiting for it to be converted into French. As shabadi sayes in the above post, this is the agreement that Mather initially signed off to. DGR shareholders are paying a huge price for this self indulgent individual. The world is on the verge of a significant financial downturn and if it occurs what value do you expect SOLG and DGR to be worth then with no money and nothing produced to make money. Back to the 3 p days which Mather has already taken SOLG down that merry path where he swooped up his percentage of shares together with the significant amount that he 'granted' to himself for 'incentive purposes'.
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