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What the hell is going on with DGR, SOLG and the rest of the...

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    What the hell is going on with DGR, SOLG and the rest of the companies that Mather is being paid big money to manage. He is being paid collectively over $4 million per year and that equates to $80,000 per week. Not including bonus options. He doesn't have to worry where he will make his next dollar......it is guaranteed, while the rest of us wait with patience for whatever he has planned. All the time while waiting we see our investments plunder to half, lucky you, because the majority are down 95%. Have a look at all these other companies discussion boards, including UK concerning SOLG, and everyone is concerned.....even ones who ventured to buy SOLG at 3p only to see their current value reduce from 45p to 20p per share in just over 12 months. All because he has a strategy which includes not telling shareholders what the hell he is doing. He has gone into open warfare with Cornerstone only to absolutely destroy DGR's worth at the same time. Two birds with the one stone while BHP, Newcrest and perhaps any number of other companies, plus his 'employee incentive bonus options' will make them and him lots of money in the future. I have lost over a third of my investment since it was officially announced we have a world class tier 1 copper/gold/silver resource and then to have an almost complete ban on all results since Nov 2019 (14 months ago).company. Most of the announcements are repeating contents from past announcements or a trickle here and there. Changing promised date of third MRE3 from 4th quarter 2019 to first quarter 2020 announced on a chart (not in words) and then release some recent details of other permit areas drilling results via a DGR announcement. Did I forget that the Secretary of both DGR and SOLG are one and the same. Perhaps he forget which company he was making announcement for. The absolute compliance by the rest of DGR and SOLG Board, and remember the members who are on both, strikes me as a conspiracy.
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