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    Hi Guys ,

    Haven't posted on DGR for a while.

    Agree SEMS isn't the market a bucket of S*** at the moment it is just so frustrating .!!!!!!

    The DGR Quarterly suggests that the finalisation of the formal Documentation for the BID of the Share Capital of CGP is at hand !!!!!!!!
    I have wondered whats been going on so we may yet see a bid??

    And as you noted SEMS another great announcement this time Cisne Loja - 13 priority targets - 72 Rock samples taken over a 2km x 1km site showing 60 with CU Eq readings of more than 0.6% .

    The best two showed 4.32% Cu -4.51g/t gold and 20.8 g/t Ag -and 3.90% Cu -0.21 g/t gold and >100g/t Ag and some Mo in both.

    So the finds just keep coming be nice for the SOLG SP to show an increase due to the great projects they have selected some 72 away from Cascabel but the market is such C*** that it does not seam to matter what you find it is just brushed away!

    I suppose that you just have to hang in until the fat lady sings.

    DGR , well I am living in hope and pray I am still about when we break 20c.

    Keep up the great posts all posters


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