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    IMO, the Government has a duty of care when soldiers are demobilised and retired.
    The military is an authoritarian institution where inductees are conditioned to accepting
    orders without question and living a highly organised lifestyle :
    -rigid group behaviours
    -enforced mateship etc

    In essence, the recruit is stripped of his/her civilian identity and forced to adopt the soldier id/role.
    One could say that the armed forces is is close to being "The Total Institution"

    In the 19th C a Sociologist named Emile Durkiem explained the phenomonon of suicide
    in sociological terms of which the central causal notion was "Anomie" (normlessness)
    and those likely to be the victims were male single protestants;teenage to 40ish.

    Our armed forces have had a hundred years to sort out the psycho-social impact of returning soldiers
    to civvie life particuluarly post wars. IMO if our armed forces spent as much money and effort on
    de-institutionalising its members before returning them to civvieland as it does in inducting/institulising them
    in the first instance , then there would be a much better outcome for all ex-vets, IMO.

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