SHG sunshine gas limited

sold up the creek

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    It is now in black & white that the directors of both SHG & QGC have NOT achieved the best price for their shareholders.
    AGL have the option to acquire Lacerta & exploration acreage for $2.75 per share valuation.
    QGC have held on to the rest of Sunshines massively valuable assets including Atria etc.
    The results from Atria should have been available for release some time ago(data sent to MHA 18/06/08) & I believe that they were held back & not released prior to the offers becoming public.
    They still have not been released!
    I know it sounds like conspiracy theories abound, but now BG gets Atria & the rest of our great assets for .82c.
    What a bloody joke!
    I sold all our holding in disgust last week at $3.57.
    So long Mr Gilby & the cronies.
    I hope that you & Mr Cottee are happy in your next venture.
    I sure wont invest in it, as I wish for full shareholder value & not 1/2.
    This is just my opinion. I am sure I am not alone.
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