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    (MI) Report on investing in solar energy in 2005
    RWE News
    8:01:020 17/02/2005

    Sydney - Thursday - February 15: RWE/PRW) - Progressive
    Investor announces the release of its report, "Investing in Solar
    It says 2004 may well be remembered as the watershed year for
    solar energy.
    It's been a long time coming, but in this 50th anniversary of
    the solar cell, the industry is showing clear signs it is indeed at the
    tipping point toward mass commercialisation.
    Experts say the solar PV market will grow from the current US$7
    billion to US$30 billion in 2010.
    With annual growth rates exceeding 30 per cent, and expanding
    profit margins, solar PV is in transition to becoming one of the
    world's fast-growth, profitable industries.
    2004 was the year the industry really took off.
    Together, the world's 24 publicly traded solar companies saw
    their shares jump by almost 185 per cent.
    Customer demand is so high that solar manufacturers are
    completely sold out and are ramping up to meet demand.
    The 2005 years portends to be even a bigger year, with over 20
    IPOs in the works.
    The sector will be much bigger with many new players, and with
    existing players practically all reaching profitability.
    The companies analysts favour for investors are Japan's Sharp
    (6753 JP), Kyocera (6753JP),and Tokuyama (4043JP), Germany's SolarWorld
    (SWVG.BE) and Q-Cells (a much anticipated 2005 IPO), and Evergreen
    Solar (ELSR) in the US.
    ` "Until recently, few analysts followed this industry.
    "Now, especially because Sharp is investing so heavily in the
    field - with an impressive annual growth rate of 63% and with solar
    contributing to about 15% of operating profit by the end of next year -
    they are incorporating solar into their financial models.
    Institutional investors are also showing great interest," notes
    Rona Fried, Editor.
    Says, Michael Rogol, a solar analyst with CSLA Asia Pacific,
    The company I'm most excited about is Q-Cells.
    It has the potential to be the Netscape of the solar sector.
    When Netscape went public in 1994 it started the Internet stock boom."
    This report is a succinct overview of the industry, the
    investing landscape, and the main players.
    The sections are:
    * The Solar PV Landscape
    * The Solar Investment Landscape
    * The Major Solar Players
    * Meet the German Pure Play Favorites: SolarWorld & Q-Cells
    * Meet the U.S. Pure Play Favorite: Evergreen Solar
    * Meet Canada's Pure Play Favorite: Carmanah Technologies
    * Performance Charts & Table of the Public Companies
    * Future PV Technologies
    * Partner Conversation: The Experts' View on Solar Investments
    The contributing analysts are:
    Michael Rogol, senior analyst with CSLA Asia Pacific Markets.
    Walter Nasdeo, managing director & head of Energy Technology Group,
    Ardour Capital. Mark Cox, CEO, New Energy Fund, LP.
    Progressive Investor is a monthly newsletter that guides
    investors and advisors toward sustainable investments.
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