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    Today Solagran released summary details of its “Presentation to Fund Managers”, a ‘broker friendly’ document with more emphasis on commercialisation of product than its earlier incarnation. It contains some exposition of fundamental research and historical development, but the exciting commercial prospects for the company's Bioeffective products are better highlighted.

    Some highlights below, but the full pdf document is well worth reading (ASX Announcement 22/10/03), particularly for the graphic illustration it contains of the effect of Bioeffective R on recovery of a patient (the Chairman of Solagran) from 3rd degree burns.


    1995 - Solagran formed by Australian businessmen and Russian scientists from the Academy in order to commercialise the technology and fund the ongoing R&D effort.

    1998 - Ownership of all Intellectual Property pertaining to technology and applications of Bioeffectives transferred from the Academy to Solagran.

    2000 - Solagran launches the first products in the L’azure range of Bioeffectives-based premium skincare. A range of oral therapeutic/nutraceutical lozenges developed in conjunction with a leading Australian manufacturer.

    Today - Applications to list several Bioeffectives as new complementary medicine substances filed with TGA. Evolving technology and advancing R&D efforts result in development of new Bioeffectives including onco- and myelo-protectors, powerful nutritional antioxidants and free radical scavengers, new antimicrobial agents and natural sun blocks with melanoma-prophylactic properties.


    Bioeffective R has shown promising evidence that it may become a significant natural substance to be used in the treatment of the various forms of liver disease. Potentially this market could provide billions in revenue.

    In Australia

    - About 210,000 Hepatitis infections
    - Hepatitis C infections increasing by about 16,000 pa
    - By 2025, HCV-related Cirrhosis is projected to increase by 300%

    In the US

    - About 25 million people are affected by liver or liver-related disease
    - 300,000 people are hospitalised each year due to Cirrhosis
    - Expected number of deaths will increase to 30,000 by the year 2010


    - Over 100,000 people die from liver related disease each year
    - Over 70 percent of these deaths occur from the age of 55 and over
    - Liver transplant as a result of Cirrhosis is expected to increase by 200% over 10 to 20 years
    - Number of deaths from Hepatitis is expected to increase by 400% over next 10 to 20 years
    - USA/Europe Hepatitis C cases = 22 million
    - 10% develop Cirrhosis (2.2 million)
    - Current treatment cost (US $16,615 per annum)
    - Potential Market: USA/Europe = $36.5 billion


    For the Calendar Year 2004, Solagran has set the following key objectives:

    1. Bioeffective R

    - Complete advanced stages of clinical trials in Russia
    - Release progressive results via ASX Announcements
    - Establish contacts for local efficacy trials
    - Prepare Production, Marketing, Approval package for international market

    2. Bioeffective A

    - Lodge TGA application by mid November – work to complete approval
    - Complete Production, Marketing Agreement for cough lozenge and soft lozenge
    - Tie into Bioeffective R international package

    3. Bioeffectives N & S

    - Advance existing technical documentation in line with international protocols
    - Advance understanding of the nature of Bioeffectives
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