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    I've heard there may be some news out shortly on Solagran.

    Solagran is an Australian biotechnology company founded in 1995 to commercialise a series of substances commercially known as Bioeffectives®.

    Bioeffectives are natural, biologically active substances that have a wide range of beneficial applications in the prevention of disease, treatment of illness and promotion of health.

    The credentials of Dr.Vagif Soultanov, Chairman and founder of Solagran, are impressive. He was the leader of the Bioeffectives research team in St Petersburg who came to Australia in 1990 to work with the CSIRO as part of an inter-governmental scientific exchange program. Soultanov holds doctoral qualifications in organic chemistry and biochemistry, has published over 60 scientific papers in Russia and internationally, and holds a number of patents.

    A visit to the company's website at - from which the above was lifted - is highly recommended.

    With the biotech sector bubbling along, undoubted European interest in this one, plus the prospect of positive news, Solagran (SLA) is definitely worth a look.
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