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    hows this? I paid to subscribe to a live data provider,bought their software and paid for a 3 month subscription with one month free.Great ,start using the service then get a call to a free seminar in Brizzy great ! at the seminar get a form to fill out to register my interest in the speakers upcoming workshop so i gave it at the door as i left.A call from the office to tell me i can attend the workshops but they are heavily booked so payment of $1000 will be required to confirm registration .Hey guess what ? I couldnt make the payment cause I was busy trading and decided that $1000 was too steep to spend 4 1 sat and sun learning how 2 fundamentaly access a company and 9 squared etc. The speaker told the 200 or so at he seminar that he didnt like people who are ripping off others with $3000 courses and he was just doing these workshops to really help others .Guess what ? I received an invoice for $1000 for not attending these workshops yesterday in the mail.Paid 440 for software and 120 per month approx for live data feeds , ripped off or what???? That is why I am asking on this site about suppliers of live data info etc. I am contesting this charge but if i am forced to pay then I will have to name the provider in public to warn others of this trap after I have formalised my complaint with ASIC
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