socialist governments

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    A good post from the SSN thread explaining Socialist governments, thanks to GiddyYup.............

    They aren't communists, they are just socialists. I know the difference is subtle but socialists rely upon laziness and stupidity rather than guns.

    Socialism is the principle that the less you do the more you get. Sounds great right ? Inevitably this leads to a lot more people doing a lot less. With fewer and fewer people contributing their fair share of effort and money to the pool and more and more people taking more than their fair share out of the pool, the standard of living inevitably drops. Socialist govts can prop up the system for a while by borrowing (ever been to Greece) to balance the books but this can't last for very long before lenders realize that the country that they are lending to are lazy and are never intending to pay them back.

    When the standard of living starts to drop socialists start to blame the wealthy for not contributing enough. Despite being the biggest contributors the wealthy become easy targets because the majority have become addicted to getting something for nothing and don't see why somebody should have more than they do. Being rewarded for the work that they do is long forgotten and people just take handouts based on government formulas. Socialists govts then just demand and take more from private companies through new taxes etc, effectively socialising them and draining all the wealth from their owners.

    Once there is nobody left to take assets from and nobody left to borrow from then socialism is finally seen by its people for what it is. Unfortunately this is usually too late and generations are left with a trashed economy and and people in poverty. Many socialist governments don't give up easily though and use millitary force the maintain power. These people are called communists.

    This government is as a socialist as it comes. To them anybody who works hard and tries to get ahead to provide a good standard of living for their family is called "Rich". "Working families" aren't families that work as you would think, they are actually low income labour voters.

    In the history of our country we have never before had so many handouts and we have never had so tax different taxes. Better still we have never had so many layers of taxes, ie taxes on taxes. Note that GST is payable on the carbon tax when passed on to consumers. Its interesting how they talk about compensation for the carbon tax etc but never mention the additional billions on GST which is charged on top of the carbon tax. The same for import duties. There is the duty, then the luxury tax and then GST on top of both. A tax on a tax on a tax. Unbelievable.

    Its very good news that SSN is largely a US company. I wish more of my stocks were safe from this socialist govt. The interesting thing is that I'm not completely against a carbon tax as such but a tax whereby more than 70% of the population have no incentive to change their habits and whereby those that are worse off can afford not to change is hardly a policy that will have any environmental impact is it. Its just another way to fund socialist handouts.
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