sobering reply by LNP's Dr Jensen to leigh sales question

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    When asked, what prompted him to take the action he did in helping to bring on a spill motion, LNPs Dr Jensen said:-

    DENNIS JENSEN: Leigh, it's a whole lot of things. But fundamentally, I see that there's no strategic direction in where we're going.

    One of the fundamental things is building the economy and building economic growth and what we're focused on is just debt and deficit. Quite frankly, the debt and deficit would be solved if we had adequate economic growth.

    The other aspect is that I don't think that the leader and his office are listening and communicating effectively, either within the Government or, indeed, with the people in general.

    Now also, the other thing that I want to add is that a lot of constituents - very strong party members and so on - have spoken to me, written to me, phoned me, et cetera, and they've all said that they want a change of leadership. Not one has said, "How dare you think about removing a Prime Minister?"

    "no strategic direction in where we're going"......pretty much sums it up...

    I wonder if Dr Jensen considered that dames and knights might fix it?? Phil?
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