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    So, we're going nuclear

    right -- there's one huge HUGE shot in the locker Oz -- don't bloody miss this one,

    1. If we're going nuclear - we'll have nuclear waste

    2. if we have nuclear waste - we have to put it somewhere

    3. we have the perfect remote geologically stable continent for permanent waste storage

    4. When we build the storage facilities ------ rent them out to other nations as well.

    5. We have the PERFECT TIME TO FLOAT THE IDEA - Nov 2021 - Glasgow Climate fest - COP 26

    6. The world is told that Oz is open for business in the nuclear waste permanent storage business.

    7. France is offered storage for a fee - plus, in the deal - France is to build a few nuke power stations for Oz in Oz

    8. The fees that Oz will charge the planet are a fee up front (prior to the storage being built - a deposit) - the up front fee is a very large fee and ongoing maintenance and storage fees per year -

    if Oz can't wrangle a few trillion of that - it should go home and deserves to live in the dust of poverty.

    9. The fees are put straight into a sovereign wealth fund - NOT for government use - NOT for paying public service superannuation bills ----------- FOR AUSSIES - all Aussies get paid a dividend out of the fund.

    Don't stuff this up Oz and don't go cheap on charging for the storage - the entire planet hasn't found a way to do permanent storage - why? - because there's no place on earth like Oz that's suitable
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