So The Greens like employing untrustworthy people.

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    Labor/Greens love employing shifty characters .

    The Tony Haters will love this.

    Freya Newman wins job with the Greens

    February 11, 2015 - 4:35Pm

    Freya Newman has landed a job with the Greens. Photo: AAP
    The former fashion school student who leaked details of a scholarship awarded to one of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's daughters is now working as a paid intern for the Greens.
    Ms Newman, 21, pleaded guilty last year to accessing restricted data from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, but avoided a conviction or a possible two-year jail term.
    Ms Newman applied for a paid internship with Greens higher education spokeswoman Lee Rhiannon last November.

    Frances and Tony Abbott.
    "Following an extensive application process involving over 160 applicants and two rounds of interviews we offered the position to Freya," Senator Rhiannon said in a statement.
    "Freya was an outstanding applicant and we are very much looking forward to having her on board."
    The part-time position is based in Sydney.
    Senator Rhiannon last year announced she would try to strengthen national whistleblower laws in response to "recent events in the higher education sector", a reference to Ms Newman's case.
    Ms Newman's disclosure to the New Matilda website revealed that Ms Abbott was awarded a rare $60,636 Whitehouse scholarship.
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