IOH 0.00% 70.0¢ iron ore holdings limited

so long to ioh.... signing off.

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    Well, the fat lady has sung guys & gals.....

    To all the ioh HC regulars (to name just a few & sorry to the many I have omitted) -
    * Superwealthy
    * Doctornoh
    * Orewealth
    * Matt747
    * Ironmike
    * Welkin31
    & co, thanks for all your valuable posts and contributions on the ioh forum over the years. Its been a collaborative effort and has been a great forum to be part of.

    For me, ioh has been an enjoyable, educational, interesting and profitable (if not bumpy...) ride and I hope all of us will continue to follow the journey on the bci threads.

    For what its worth, I think the combined bci group has a very promising long term future - we need to all look a little further into the future to see it atm, but I would think, given recent events, the future as part of a larger group is the obvious way to go.

    Good luck to all of ioh holders. Catch you on the flip side.


    Please dyor
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