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Will totally agree Lynas most likely path is higher, short term....

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    Will totally agree Lynas most likely path is higher, short term. It is hard to fight momentum. The company operation fundamentals are extremely sound. Its market is sound. The only problem is it earned only $0.18 in 2021. H1 2022 is looking like it could be below that. .018 / 8.75= 2.0% That earnings level does not support the stock price. If earnings for H1 come in at .09 to .20 then stock will continue up. Anything less than .08 we head down the lower it is, the faster. There are also interest rates on US treasuries they are rising. At some point the PE of worldwide markets will correct down wards. The higher a company's PE is compared to other like companies the more it will correct. Some have pointed out that so far the interest rate change has been small and I agree, it has not dampened markets much at all. Most people do not understand we have seen little of correction yet look at the chart of what US fed buys between now and June. Other countries can follow like UK and Germany did or they cannot follow like AU did and watch their currency fall like the AU $ is starting to do. Regardless 2% return on SP will not last for long. JMO the increase in REE prices will not support what is needed.
    Sorry for messed up chart format and duplication. I have no idea what is going on. Looks great in Excell then I get this tried 3 different ways to cut and paste. I give up.

    Total buy back for month B

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