smugglers eat gem-filled condoms

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    Smugglers Eat Gem-Filled Condoms
    Tue Feb 25,10:26 AM ET

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (Reuters) - Sri Lankan customs intercepted two Thai men attempting to smuggle out precious stones placed inside condoms and swallowed, officials said on Tuesday.

    Acting on a tip-off, customs officials at Colombo airport took the two to hospital for an X-ray examination that revealed 10 condoms full of contraband.

    "We have an information unit and were warned about a possible smuggling," said H.K. Geethasena, director of customs at the airport.

    "They didn't declare anything."

    The men, aged 25 and 35, said the precious stones were worth about $6,000, but Geethasena suspected they were worth more.

    Sri Lanka is famed as an exporter of gems such as sapphires and rubies, and Geethasena said the men could have been smuggling for as long as the past two years.

    "Investigations are not yet over," he said. "We have to ensure there are no more stones."

    I reckon they missed the couple of "stones" hanging between their legs!!!
    anyway now in jail.....and still eating condoms!!

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