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smith-1 well - l for those interested.

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    For those interested the smith well wasn't just flowing 191bbls, it was flowing gas at 2.4mmcfd a total production of 600boepd from 20% approximately of the net pay in this well and was flowed at about 15% of the open choke size. Thanks for the flaring picks too, that's quite decent steady flares from just testing this small section. There is much more to come from this Smith-1 well as yet. The prospect size is quite large and the well has yet to be fully tested. Someone asked could this well be brought onto production at 2000boepd. We'll have to wait and see, but given the fact that the downhole pressure is over 11000psi, casing pressure around 9000psi and restricted flowing pressure from 20% of the pay is over 6000psi then its quite possible. Imo this well should easily achieve flow rates in excess of 600boepd when fully tested. We'll have to await the outcome though.

    When the well was drilled to target depth and logged prior to intermediate casing and finally to TD the wells were fully wirelined. That demonstrated the pay sections. The ceo mentioned oil production so there must have been oil fluorescence in the mud at that point as well as gas kicks. He did say that if the well was successful it could flow significant oil and gas production. We've already got 600boepd from on a single restricted part of the well so much more to come from the testing of this well. Not proved as long term commercial yet but the management/operator are now putting in the necessary infrastructure to support oil and gas production (compressors, separators, storage tanks and flow lines etc). These are the facts and those facts may offend some. ;)

    Captain Nelson Forties
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