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    For anyone interested, and for something on a musical note, below are a few reviews of Brian Wilsons' latest cd "Smile" (due out in Australia in Oct) Is it obvious that I'm a fan?

    The Critics Speak up about Brian's new SMiLE
    Following are some notable quotes from the music world about Brian's phenomenal new SMiLE album:
    "Comparing Smile to pop music is like comparing the poster paint daubings of an infant to the vast canvasses of Velasquez. But Smile stands up with any of the great music of the 20th century. In its interweaved and repeated melodic strands it echoes Prokofiev's Kije Suite. In its appropriation of American folk it stands up there with the work of Gershwin and Copeland. In its sheer contemplative beauty it rubs shoulders with Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue. One of the greatest albums of the 21st century." – New Music Express

    "There is a remarkable consistency about Smile's complex tapestry of delights. Wilson can rest secure in the knowledge that he's finally delivered the masterpiece that's surely the long playing equal of that still awe inspiring 'Good Vibrations'. Genius? You bet. Brilliant".
    – MOJO (4 stars)

    "This new studio recording sounds far more timeless, or out of time, than nostalgic. This Smile is beautifully performed and sung [... and] is as organic as Wilson wanted for the original. The music has an originality that sounds remarkable even now. Listening to this piece of genius again reassures me that spending £162 to see all three performances of Smile wasn't so crazy after all."
    – The Wire

    "The cumulative effect is almost overwhelming - sad, lush, startling, tragic and beautiful. What's ironic is that it makes far more sense now than it might have done 37 years ago."
    Time Out

    "It is, frankly, wonderful. So brimming with ambition and musical intelligence that its timelessness is a given. One of the most creatively accomplished, wonderfully mind-boggling items in the rock canon."
    – Observer

    "Now pop's one true 'great lost masterpiece' has been completed. Only a cloth-eared fool could remain unmoved. And given the album's ambitious theme it's as timely now as it was in 1967."
    – i-D

    "The album is worth the wait - it gives you musical courage. Wilson's an extraordinary writer. He pushed popular music to whole new levels. It's fantastic."
    – Roger Daltrey

    "Complex and intense but of such beauty, this is as good as we could have hoped for."
    – Music Week

    "Mind-blowing. It unfolds in its original, and never before complete, sequence as a thing of rare beauty and cumulative power. As wondrous and as complex as the claims made on its behalf for all those years."
    – Observer - Music Monthly

    "The breadth of Brian's reference points is similar to the Beatles. They wrote about England and growing up in Liverpool, while he sings about 20th century Americana. They are songs of such pathos and must be among the most beautiful ever written." Peter Blake

    "The best psychedelic pop album in the world, bigger than Pet Sounds and maybe the the best ever."
    – Musik Express Magazine (Germany)six stars (best usually is 5 stars)
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