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    Saudi Arabia And Syria
    Checkmate Zionist Oil Grab
    By Joe Vialls

    When the planning for Operation Shekhinah was finalized in 2001, its objective was simply to steal Iraq's oil and pipe it to Haifa in Israel. At a single stroke, the largest oil supplies in the world would come under direct Zionist control, permanently shifting the balance of power in the Middle East. Well, that was the academic American-Israeli strategic plan, but it was all based on an impossible fantasy.

    Nowadays that impossible academic fantasy is coming unhinged, in turn seriously threatening the very survival of the Jewish State and possibly America as well. You see, while Americans have been worrying about their countrymen being cut down on a daily basis in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria have quietly relocated their primary strike aircraft within easy attack range of Israel, meaning the end game is fast approaching.

    To find out why Israel is now facing more than 400 state-of-the-art Mach 2 strike aircraft based less than ten minutes away from Tel Aviv, we need to take a quick look at the mind boggling miscalculations made by the Zionists in New York, and by their subordinates in Washington and Tel Aviv. How is it even remotely possible that the Zionists might lose the ÒJewish StateÓ altogether, especially bearing in mind their subtle but undeniable day-to-day control of the massive American military machine?

    First is the false assumption that the Arabs cannot think for themselves, an idiotic and dangerously misleading notion if one looks at the likes of Nasser, Hussein and Qadhafi. These men were not the first and will not be the last effective rulers in the Middle East, itself an area with more than 2,000 years direct experience of conspiracy and treachery. Take it from me, Arabs can and do think for themselves very effectively.

    Next on the list, and perhaps most important for academic Zionist planners, is the illusory Israeli claim to have won two ÒwarsÓ against the Arabs, and for the last few years managed to murder Palestinians in the Occupied Territories at a ratio of four to one in IsraelÕs favor. Translate these figures to RumsfeldÕs Iraq invasion force of 200,000 men, and by now American forces in Iraq should have eliminated 800,000 Iraqis. Instead, American servicemen are themselves being attacked by furious Iraqis, on average 12 times per day every day.

    The two Arab-Israeli ÒwarsÓ were wildly unbalanced in terms of air and ground forces, and there were never any heroic Israeli ÒTop GunsÓ who fearlessly flew missions night and day, picking off inferior Arab fighter pilots with the same panache shown by pilots in the Battle of Britain. This is the stuff of Zionist wet dreams. The reality is that Israelis were terrified of a fair fight, and went to enormous lengths to pull Pearl Harbor-style attacks on their neighbors, in the hope that decimating Arab air forces still on the ground would remove the unacceptable risk of one-on-one combat in the air.

    Activity in the Occupied Territories fuelled the increasing academic Zionist belief that Arabs were inferior fighters in every way. Once again this was a complete illusion. Armed with limitless heavy weapons funded by American taxpayers, the Israelis were and still are using brutally superior firepower to murder vast numbers of Palestinians armed only with AK-47 rifles. If a Palestinian dares to use a rocket propelled grenade instead of a mere rifle, the unbalanced Israeli response is to drop a Palestinian eight-floor apartment block, normally full of unarmed civilians, with a 1,000# American taxpayer-funded laser-guided bomb.

    Back in New York and Washington, this apparently dazzling Jewish performance in Palestine befuddled the Zionists to the point where they really believed they could take on the entire Middle East and come out on top. We now know this reasoning was misguided at best, and catastrophic at worst. Just a glance at the map below shows the deadly danger Israel faces today, and in turn the deadly danger America will face if Israel should fall...

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