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A bit of "outloud thinking"If my memory serves me right TLS has...

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    A bit of "outloud thinking"

    If my memory serves me right TLS has held up only to finish 1-2 cents lower at close this and last week. Today it held up and stayed up without the late pull back. A good sign? Maybe.

    We have 2 more trading days before it goes ex-div. I am tossing between selling and cashing in and then re-entering it on Mon or Tue or collecting 14 cents and holding onto it. If I cash it in say on Friday I do not need to wait about a month for the funds to get transfered. Yeah, I will miss out on the franking credits but will have the cash to re-invest next week.

    Another reason is - if TLS does not hit $3.00 by Friday we may go sub-2.80 and if we do it may pull back to the low 70's. This is just "numbers game", nothing to do with TLS.

    For example;

    1] Friday close at $3.00 - 0.14c we get to - 2.85-2.90 range. If we see 2.90 in sight the SP may hold on (Mon-Tue) in that range.


    2] If we struggle to get close to $3.00 and we close say at $2.92 on Friday - 0.14 we are in $2.78-2.80 range. If we could not get to $3.00 in the lead up to the 14 cents some may ask how strong TLS at this stage really is? Is it strong enough to break through $3.00 (XD) or should we wait for the news? If the consensus is - let's wait for the news I reckon TLS may pull back to $2.70-2.75.

    If it does happen then by holding onto the shares to collect the dividend and collect the franking credit will be futile.

    Put simply, 2.92 down to 2.70 - that's 8 cents extra. If you hold over 100K units - that's $8K or more than 50% of the dividend.

    If we were to cash it in with an intention to re-enter early next week, and the SP keeps on falling we can be fishing the bottom. This would help us avoid the situation while otherwise we would be $8K down and waiting.


    I guess I will know the answer at 3.55pm on Friday :)
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