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Smaller cap producers - whats your tip?, page-15

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    joey70, I did mean RGS but I agree that RSG also has great fundamentals. Short term, RSG imho is a neutral in hope of a retracement, and RGS is a neutral until resistance is taken out in the market depth.

    RSG value:

    P/E = 3.0 < Sector median = 16.6
    P/B = 0.5 < Sector median = 1.7
    Long Term Debt = Only (4% of capital)

    joey70, don't you mean RSG is half book value, not double net asset backing?

    Correcting my previous post: The fact that the gold sector P/E & P/B medians are still growing is obvious. Thanks nickoo for helping us find the best sector. Imho it seemeth favourable to choose stocks under-valued compared to the P/E & P/B sector medians.

    Btw, my analysis didn't go past the financials in Comsec.
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