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    Effectively what happened was that around 3:30 today, some new blood came in to the ARH market, bought all the shares, and then left at the close.

    There are three interesting things about ARH, for me anyway.

    1. Big Clive owning 70% for a long time.
    2. Dominic Martino has been there for years also
    3. A certain large top 20 holder (private) has also been there for maybe 7 years.

    None of them are going to walk away empty handed.

    The spec miner market has been dead for a few years now. But the big leaders are making new highs, above 2007. I think that some market tragics who never sleep are sniffing around the spec market and we might see some of the money made from the leaders moving in to a few specs. It looks like ARH might be one of them.

    I realise that the fundamentalists can shoot this theory down in flames, I agree.
    But what has fundamentals got to do with the spec market? Nothing.
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