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    Amity Oilers,

    this is attached to all the announcements near the end ...

    Amity has estimated prior to
    drilling, unrisked potential recoverable natural gas reserves in the
    most likely case (P50), at 93 billion cubic feet, if gas is present.
    This estimate includes both the Danismen and Osmancik Formation
    targets. It is emphasized that this is a pre-drilling potential
    reserve estimate which may be significantly larger or smaller than
    reserves eventually estimated from the discovery well and the
    appropriate number of appraisal wells.

    remember Gorcerler original estimate at 30 Bcf .... now 2P proven in place at 61 Bcf.... ( see aegis and quarterlies )

    this always stumped me .. must have needed cash ??

    P Allchurch 14 April 2003 ASX
    Number disposed 200,000

    Value/consideration $0.738 per share

    make em pay full price !!!!!!!
    dont sell short.

    Hopefully the plant upgrade at Gorcerler to 30 Mcf/day is on track for end of June. Will be pulling AUD$ 2.5 Million per month at 23 mcf / day. that'll cover a well or two per month plus some left over for a divi's ??? for the next 5.6 years of field life ......thats not even including anything at Adatepe.

    Market is starting to wake up to this one...

    Go long...

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