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    by Robert Yoho

    I have a confession to make: as someone who cares greatly about politics, it has recently become increasingly hard for me to care about them. I am not talking about the war on Iraq or the war on terrorism. These are not political issues; they are life and death matters that affect our continued life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And therein lies the problem. Everything else pales in comparison.

    For the past month, Americans have seen the young men and women of our armed forces bravely going into harm’s way. At the direction of our Commander-in-Chief, these uniformed personnel have accomplished something unprecedented in our nation’s history. They brought down a brutal dictator without destroying the country around the dictator.

    These young men and women not only replaced tyranny with freedom, they made it possible for normal Iraqi citizens to know some of the liberty we experience every single day in America. Iraqis can fail or they can succeed; they can prosper or languish in poverty; they can know the best and the worst that freedom has to offer. But they can do it without wondering if their door will be kicked down in the middle of the night by one of Saddam’s henchmen or wondering which one of their loved ones will be dragged out into the night to a torture chamber or worse.

    It is these serious matters that cause me to doubt the sincerity of those Democrats who are attacking our president’s character. And without exception, these Democrat hopefuls all defended the moral failings of the previous administration. Most of them opposed the president on the war with Iraq. A number of them seem totally unconcerned with the safety of those service personnel who are still conducting the deadly task of mopping up the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet despite our successes in battle, they seem to take no joy in America’s successful prosecution of the war effort. Perhaps they fear these successes on the battlefield will not only make the country more secure, but also that they might actually boost the election prospects of our current Commander-in-Chief.

    When our military personnel are risking their lives in the cause of freedom, I find it difficult to concern myself with the mundane political aspirations of John Kerrey, Dick Gephardt and the other seven Democrat lightweights running for their party’s presidential nomination. I do not care which of these men think they are better qualified to lead this country than President George W. Bush. I do not care if our deficit takes a temporary upward spike due to a somewhat sluggish economy and the added costs of finishing the job we started against terrorism and those who harbor them. This is certainly money well spent! Most of all, I do not care what the questions these notorious limousine liberals raise about the economy or Bush’s ability to lead the nation.

    I do, however, care about what has been actually done! In 22 days, our military personnel brought down Saddam Hussein and the city of Baghdad. That is extraordinary! For his actions in leading the country since 9/11, President Bush has rightfully earned our trust. He has made our nation a safer place to be. He has defended liberty. He has kept his word. Moreover, it is for these actions, he has earned the benefit of the doubt in matters of public policy. Perhaps we should also follow his leadership on how to jump-start the economy.

    And the war is still not over over there. Young Americans are still being killed in sniper attacks and grenade ambushes. While fine, young Americans are still dying on foreign soil, I find it hard to concern myself with Democratic whine-a-lots, who cry about trivial matters such as who should or shouldn’t get a tax cut. My frustration is with the petty, day-to-day, shallow, unprincipled politics of men like those running for the nomination.

    These men have absolutely nothing new to add to the public debate. They are using the same scare tactics about Social Security and Medicare. It is the same old song-and-dance that we have been getting from the Democratic Party for the past 20 years. It is high time these comedians got some new material and started acting like patriots in a real world with clear and present dangers.
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