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small companies rocket ahead

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    Just thought I would take out some performance numbers for the week,as it seemed like a pretty good week.A.O.I.up 0.5%,my juniors,BDG,up 10%,GCN,up 22%,GBG,up 36%,GTM,up19%,MEE,up 23%,REM,UP 33%.
    What I am really saying is we may be waking up Australia to the GROSS UNDERVALUATION OF OUR ASSETS.
    Maybe the real estate insanity is waning,or the equity shopping bags are really getting in drive mode,but I am noticing real volume action and that tells me we may be playing catchup with our Canadian friends,who have looked across in wonderment at our listless market....until now.Is this signalling a bull market ahead?
    It may just need the catalyst of one big new discovery,but these are good weekly numbers.
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