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slto - where the action will be - worth a thought

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    There's a lot of discussion around SLT over the forum - so I wanted to raise an idea about what could be some action/fun on the side of this.

    Whatever SLT do over the coming weeks will have much greater effect on the value of the SLTO's - this isnt a Ramp, I am genuinely nervious about the state of these as every time they go up a cent I make $3600, but if they go down below 25c I lose $3600 for each cent

    So - today is interesting - the price of the SLTO's is currently, in all honesty overvalued. Dont flame me yet. The SLTO's give everyone the ability to buy at .80c, and therefore with the 25c value on the opps SLT's would need to go to $1.05 in order to return that value

    HOWEVER they have 3 more years to run, in order to do so, therefore whoever has oppies is on a pretty safe bet if they they will go over this mark by then (unless SLT is all hot air for the next 3 years)

    So - what to do - you can BUY more SLTO's now and hope that an announcement makes them come good. You can dump your SLTO's and then hope that SLT takes a dive over the next 2 weeks, hoping to pick them back up at a lower rate, or you can continue steady accumulation

    Either way, as you all know with Oppies you can win bid, but you can lose your shirt just as easily (and this is probably the biggest bet I have made, ever)

    interested in your thoughts and feedback WITHOUT all the emotion/ramping etc etc - you're all smart enough to know what this can do/mean etc

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