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slt- hepatitis e ???

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    All the talk about announcements and what is going to happen to Select-tel ?? Answer- simply that it will go ballistic. It's not rocket science - it is all in the announcement. The one key line and it says it all - A market ready Hepatitis E diagnostic product aimed at large markets in Asia.
    Market ready - no human trials to come. Hard work's done. Let's get the bucks. That's where they're at now- no five or eight year wait on four or eight stage processes. It's a done deal - yoiu can read it in the announcement. - Just the paper work to follow. It's obviously aimed at heaps of units being sold to the Asian markets at what price - who knows. But I think SLT is going to make PRR look like a teddybear's picnic because Prima is still only in the human trials category with some of it's molecular properties.
    Sorry I promised a more enlightened post on the week-end but it just didn't happen. I'll endeavour to put something together in the next few days.
    Cheers Mistybay
    PS another opportunity in the waiting.
    PPS The harder I work the luckier I get.
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