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    Did we miss something when transglobal told us of the great copper potential in chile,did we miss something when transglobal turned to the casino business, same question for pce,yam etc etc. not many specs actually comercialise anything but its like the old saying "dont mine a good story"-- the current fad is biotechs and as a trader im looking forward with glee to the fun we are going to have but, do i believe any of the realms of 'facts" they give us -- not on your nellie. Remember in the tech booms how people were sucked in, the same will happen time and time again. Thats not to say we should not buy the stocks certainly not but remember the reason as traders we are in the space is TO MAKE MONEY not because the fundermentals are any good long term. On a percentage basis more money is made using this cinical veiw in my opinion. In saying all of that IF a person REALLY understands what happening in a particular biotech (as oppsosed to repeating what company says) then believe, hold on and be rich. Long live hype. When one has been threw 1.5 booms and survived a healthy cinical attitude is critical. sorry spelling mistakes
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