Slow mover!!!

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    I'm with those that believe BLO has a lot more going for it than most junior oilers and if Huinga comes in it may finally get the attention it deserves. Chappie is right in saying BLO has underperformed in the past but it has a new backers and reinvigorated management and therefore today's BLO shouldn't necessarily be compared with past BLO. That said much of the good acreage BLO now has has been put together over a period of years. (Indeed this may be what attracted Oasis to BLO in the first place). BLO's revenue stream is increasing though, as they don't appear to produce a quarterly cash flow report, it is impossible to know how much money they have left after Makino and Huinga, both very costly drills. IMO Huinga looks good as does Kauri A4 which must be half way to targets of around 200 mb of oil by now. Not much longer to wait. Got to get past those million shares sitting at 0.14 cents and then we are away!!!!!!. JBC
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