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Hello all, came across BCT on a screener for stocks that have...

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    Hello all, came across BCT on a screener for stocks that have done well over the last 12 months, somewhat steadily. It looks like there's quite a bit of history to catch up on, although I see some posters here have been around for just as long. I'd be keen to get opinions on a few observations, both pros and cons, just from some initial research.

    - Impressive looking suite of products
    - Growing list of partners
    - Sales improving, while maintaining good margins
    - Expense growth looks pretty reasonable - plus the bulk is in R&D and business development which is reassuring
    - Cashflow looks good, no debt
    - successful CR and SPP higher than the share price in the 6 months prior looks like a good result

    It been a long history so the issued capital and accumulated losses are not superb
    - 527m shares on issues is not small, although it's not ridiculous either
    - At this SP, MC is arguably quite high given current gross profit numbers. Although with growing companies I believe that market caps are often have too much weight put on them. Ultimately the SP is moved by too many uncontrollable factors from actual performance, hype, mgmt and institutional motives.
    - Net losses increasing - is there any guidance from mgmt regarding time targets for EBITDA profitability?

    From a comparative perspective, I do hold another stock in the MEMS space, Sensera (SE1), although from what I can tell, the applications are so numerous and so specific, I think it's a bit of a stretch to consider different MEMS companies as true competitors. Despite good sales growth also, they've had a fairly crap history on their share price and continue to raise capital at lower and lower prices, despite commentary that suggested they would not. I think they've just done a terrible job with comms, although they do have directors continuing to invest in the business. Gross profit is higher (4m) - sales (10m), COS (6m), expenses (14m), leaving losses higher at 10m for FY19, although their shares on issue are quite a bit lower, giving them a lower MC.

    Any insights would be welcome, on these points above, or any particular relevant pieces of history I haven't picked up on yet. Particularly views on management. Overall though, sentiment feels pretty positive.
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