Slope & Angle

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    I use the slope function a bit. Slope is a relative measure, ie, the numbers can be different scales depending on how U setup your measuring benchmark. ie -1 to +1 or -10 to +10 and so on.

    Nevetheless, in addition to slope, what I wish to calculate the angle of a line in relation to the X axis using an excel function, ie straight line between 2 points going down might be -5 degrees, and a straight line between 2 points going up might be +6 degrees.

    For starters an simple example, the two points wish to calculate an angle for might be;

    31/08/01, 2.0190
    20/05/02, 2.0572

    however would be more accurate to calculate the angle of the linear average line between two dates (with 180 points of data reference. Excel automatically draws a linear average line, but how do we get an angle for that line?

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