Slime of the Labor/Greens

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    When you stand back and look at it, all the bemoaning on this site about the threat of Islam, and the slime of the Labor/Greens, all of which I agree with, goes back to the early seventies when three principal events occurred in Australia. The Family Law Act was introduced by Labor to destroy the family unit, multiculturalism was introduced by Labor to destroy our heritage and society, and the Churches, schools and universities were infiltrated and stacked with Marxists to produce a society of socialists. That is exactly what has happened, all according to plan. Scarcely any politician will now speak out against Islam because they have grown up and have all been educated under that perverted system, and consequently all lack both the moral fibre and even the wish to do anything, thanks to their brainwashing. It is only we oldies who know any better, and when we go, it is game, set and match for freedom and hello tyranny, which no one will even recognise. Of course it is not just here, but worldwide. Posted by the Flysa Political Institute
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