FML 6.45% 16.5¢ focus minerals ltd


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    At less than $15million a year with that amount of drilling and exploration, I don't see the cash running out any time soon, as we at last seem to have an outfit here oozing class and knowhow. I wonder how many other exploration companies out there have a $95million war chest, good grades already found with more surely to follow, and plant already built and in place to process it? With gold prices inching back to sustainable levels, and our management repeating their intention of restarting pouring whilst keeping a welcome and much appreciated tight grasp on any unnecessary expenditure, this sleeper HAS to come back on the radar soon, regardless of the number of shares in issue, it is at a ridiculously low price in my opinion, and is only a matter of time when the market shakes off the memory of the woeful past and sees the potential here with fresh thinking and not inconsiderable business nous taking place on these tenements.

    Good luck all.
    Opinion only and not to be considered as advice in any way!
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