slap the salami for peace

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    Hope I don't offend anyone with this but I felt our resident warmongers might benefit!!!

    Newest Masturbate for Peace Bumper Stickers ( updated 11/25/02 )

    Peace: a stroke of genius

    Don't attack - play with Jack

    Get peace fever, rub your beaver!

    Fight for good, beat your wood

    Don't flaunt your power--prune your flower

    Peace is right, grip it tight

    My poussy doesn't meow, it roars -- for peace.

    For peace to work, you need to jerk

    War is heinous, thumb your anus

    Attack your crack, not Iraq!

    You Can't Beat Off with Nuclear Arms

    War is Mean, Flick Your Bean

    War is wrong. Whack your schlong.

    My 'friendly fire' harms no-one

    Semen cleans off of hands easier than blood

    Palms Not Bombs

    I'm going blind for Mankind

    War is silly, whack your willy

    Think globally, whack locally

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