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    "Law and Order

    If you go up to the average man on the street and ask him what is his number one concern he’ll tell you to get stuffed and rightly so. Who the hell do you think you are just barging in and interrupting a busy man on what could very well be a very difficult time for him? Just once why don’t you think before you act?

    If he ever decided to forgive you, and I wouldn’t, he might answer your question and tell you that the principal worry for the average Australian is the breakdown of law and order. It leads every news bulletin and makes the front pages of our excellent tabloid newspapers, so it must be important.

    Statistics tell the story, crime rates are up dramatically. Just a couple of examples.

    Mobile phone theft is up 26000% on 1985 levels.

    Computer hacking up 700,000% since 1954.

    Car CD players stolen, up 14 million% since 1928.

    Sure crimes rates for offences like murder and assault have not changed much but that’s only because the criminals are too busy stealing mobile phones and laptops and haven’t got the time to spend on their core business. But don’t kid yourself, they’ll get over this fad and back to it soon enough.

    The public are sick of courts taking the side of the criminals and giving them a slap across the wrists. Punishment is meant to be a deterrent. Does anyone seriously think that a slap over the wrists by some doddery old judge is going to deter a violent homicidal maniac from going on a killing spree? Apart from anything else they are all so doped up on horse that their wrists are numb.

    Judges deliberately release criminals so that they will re-offend and reappear before them, and who can blame them? If there is no crime then judges would be out of a job and would be forced to turn to prostitution to support themselves and their families.

    That’s why governments everywhere are realising that it’s time to take decisions away from the judiciary and introducing mandatory sentencing. We need a minimum life sentence for anyone convicted of any crime. And bring back the death sentence for the worst cases. That is any crime involving property - my property.

    You know it makes sense.

    I’m Sam Kekovich."
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