Slammer's 2015 thread.

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    The conclusion of the 2015 Superbowl brought with it the conclusion of the 2014 betting season for conscientious bettors everywhere.

    I was thinking of kicking off a forum thread for 2015 here in the "betting" topic. "Why not?" is reason enough. For $hits and giggles could be another reason ;-)

    Plan is to list bets and a tightly controlled P&L as we progress.

    Such a thread might be of interest to observe, some may even want to wager.

    Notes in advance:

    -The majority of my action will be MLB. It is the best wagering sport BAR NONE IMHO. Add in semi-frequent AFL makes for a very busy Aussie winter. Then we move on to College and Pro US Football until the end of the betting year with Superbowl 50. (NHL has become more like the NBA every season, and will be more or less ignored, along with NBA, will not touch that.)

    -Other sports on an ad-hoc basis (cricket, rugby, tennis, NRL etc) if coming across something that is worthwhile.

    -Prices will be taken from Pinnacle Sports, and occasionally sportsbet. (Many will be able to bet there, I'm long banned and don't like playing there regardless. But with a grain of salt we'll assume we can get a bet down at the ordinary prices they offer.)

    -I'll be posting at all hours of the night to cover US games, hopefully an hour or more before game time.

    -there won't be action everyday - but I'd think 300-400 approx bets for the year with multiple single bets on most days, and sometimes stretches of no action when that is what's called for.

    -I'll start with $100,000 and will go all season.

    -Although I expect to finish nicely in front at the conclusion of the year, if you follow me in - do so at your own risk, this is not investment advice
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