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    Has anyone thought about the similarties between the google business model and Solagran business model ?

    Both involved a pardigm shift in thinking, google in the search engine and now Solagran in Bioeffectives!

    Both are there to fulfill an unsatisfied need! google for the search results (the existing ones were not that good) and Now Solagran for that Natural cure (the existing ones leave a lot to be desired)

    Google was slow off the ground (at least the first 2 years) and Solagran also slow off the ground

    But once the public got taste of google - there is no letting up for the demand! Similiarly for Solagran - once the public knows what it can do - there won't be any let up from Public!

    So close your eyes for a minute and think about the ramifications for Solagran company.

    Google went onto to become a more than $100 Billion dollar company in the space of seven years since inception! Make your own mind regarding Solagran (we are not talking about a serach engine rather than a cure for various ailments which affect the mankind). My mind says that if bioeffectives are as potent (as claimed by company), then forget about googles and Microsofts of this world and think about our own first trillion dollar company in next 5 to 7 years! It can and will happen before our own eyes.
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