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    I figured I would start stalking NC again. I was thinking he might be missing me

    Anyway, short story is that Sky Business News with Helen Daly contacted him for an interview. He passed it to Rezos and he is being interviewed (I think) tonight on prime time if I got it correct from NC.

    Interestingly I thought NC would want that sort of exposure so I asked "why didn't you take it up" and he says .... I love this... "Im not interested in the fluffy Sh$#it, I'm more interested in making money" outstanding!

    I did happen to ask him how things were going and he very bluntly and quickly cut me of saying (in not so few words), I know your looking for a new account so

    firstly, stop worrying about it, everyone is doing their job and doing it well. Its a concern you don't have to concern yourself with. I'll tell you if we are delayed or there is a problem and be rest assured no one will worry about asking for the next account by months end ........................That has to mean has to mean only one thing everyone, and that is YES.................we must be on track for another account for Feb.

    Secondly, we are more than on target for our end of year numbers, in-fact possibly exceeding it, BUT certainly well on target.

    He did mention that they engaged a company called Invent/Inovate something like that, I missed it. This group is approaching markets AJX can't naturally get into and they are making great headway with NC thinking they should start to see results from that group well into March.

    Anyway, all is good. Have a great day.
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