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    Firstly let me say that I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of the author of the email that follows.It is a 'copy & paste" from of 25.09.03.
    From a Lumacom shareholder's perspective it suggests to me that moving signs of the old technology type might already be common in the USA,and that accordingly that market might be somewhat bigger than what some of us expected.


    From the mailbag: a shocking billboard in New York

    Dear Michael,

    Yesterday on a trip into Manhattan from Queens I saw something despicable that I immediately felt compelled to tell you about. As you know on the way into Manhattan there are a multitude of signs/billboards on either side of the highway that are pretty much adorned with perverted images that seek to sell whatever product. Well now they have billboards that are basically huge television screens that run actual commercials. It was one of these commercials that caught my eye. It was for a new brand of beer called "He'brew" which was then called "the chosen beer." That was bad enough. Then my shock turned to rage as the screen next displayed the following words: "Christ that's good beer!" I won't recount to you what I then related to my brother because I wouldn't want to offend you with the expletives. I will say that if I had access to a rocket launcher I'd take that billboard out with one shot. It's a disgusting and despicable world that allows slanderous "advertising" like that to appear alongside a busy public highway.

    Here is the company's official website so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about:

    God bless!

    Joseph A. Simone, Bayside, Queens

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