MMN macmin silver ltd

sitting on one of the world's richest silver depos

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    Brian Boom seems to think so:

    14/9/03: "Macmin (MMN) is a company dedicated to silver exploration - although it does control a gold mine deposit in Papua New Guinea in an area near an extremely rich gold deposit being mined by Lihir Gold.

    Macmin - at its Texas Silver Mine (See web site is sitting on what could turn out to be one of the world's richest silver deposits. Exploration continues and the mine is not yet in production, but indications are that the area could contain as much as 100 million ounces of silver and equivalent. The company has around 450 million shares and options in issue.

    Its On Balance Volume chart below shows a series of three significant buy signals, and the price chart also seems to have a breakaway gap (at around 8 cents) and a couple of runaway gaps."

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